Inception: Your Dreams Have Levels

The levels of our dreams, an open frontier.



2 things I love: the movie Inception and beautiful cityscapes. Would you believe they both have the same relation to our lives?

First, lets look at the 2010 Hollywood blockbuster, Inception. If you can get past Leo’s charm coupled with a genius script, the overall plot of the film is a great replica of our pursuit of success. You might not understand the parallels at first but honestly, it didn’t hit me until recently either. A team of thieves (smart thieves, like really smart ones) literally go into several layers of the dream world and tap into other people’s psyche to steal key information, most times money is involved. On each dream level they have to achieve a near impossible goal to get to the next level of the dream world. They just keep achieving these missions, climbing to reach their ultimate goals. Wait, stop – .. No.. Don’t be a thief but, DO be relentless.

Ok, that’s better. Now, on to the big buildings and beautiful cityscapes!

I’ve always been a huge fan of big cities and the beautiful architecture that they encompass. I even like the downtowns of some of the smaller cities! I guess I just love big buildings in general. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of the stories that these buildings tell. Some historical and some peaking into the future, either way you get a feeling when you see them. Riding through downtown D.C this past weekend, I began staring at the “big” (because they are no real skyscrapers in D.C) buildings noticing how each level depends on the next. The roof of the new apartment buildings in Brookland cannot exist without the first floor and so on. Sure, some of the world’s most beautiful buildings are only one floor but try building that one floor without a foundation. As a matter of fact, don’t try that because I don’t want you to get hurt when the building collapses; you’re going to have to trust me on this one. Imagine the intern working in the mail room in the Empire State building and his dreams of running meetings on the 92nd floor. He’ll achieve his mission in the mail room and then climb when he succeeds. That’s life.

Your goals and dreams are much like the levels of the dream world in Inception. They are also just like the beautiful buildings you see everyday – there’s levels. In fact, anything worth attaining has levels. I believe you will get to the top but we burn ourselves out by forgetting to climb. Your long term goal may be to start your own firm so you don’t have to deal with your boss (who is stuck in his ways from the 80s), but you can’t reach that long term goal without acknowledging the short term goal of first working at a firm. The idea is to never see the roof. As you level up, build another level to look up to. It’s construction! If we can learn to develop a solid habit of analyzing the construction associated with our futures, we can show proper attention to the tools we need build those dreams that keep us wide awake and 12:39AM… Wait, now it’s 12:40.