Mental Health Helpline Launches For Musicians, Managers, Labels, and Tour Crew

(via BBC) It’s a topic of conversation that has claimed the lives of many of our friends and family. We’ve even witnessed some of our favorite artists’ battles with it and have watched them struggle through the clouds in their lives. Earlier this year Maryland artist, Logic, brought the discussion of suicide prevention front and center with the release of his single “1-800-273-8255”. After losing hundreds of entertainers to suicide in recent years, the entertainment industry is finally starting to shift its focus to mental health awareness.


The latest to join that fight is Help Musicians UK, a charity of the United Kingdom that offers help for musicians throughout their careers. The organization announced today that it has launched a 24 hour, toll-free help line for music industry personnel struggling with mental health battles. The charity launched this help line after noticing a 22% rise in requests for help from musicians. The service is part of their Music Minds Matter campaign that was launched after the tragic death of Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, this year.


While this UK charity is taking a stand across the pond, we certainly hope to see similar efforts here in America soon. For those struggling with mental health or suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to dial 1-(800)-273-8255 for the 24-hour, National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

For more information about the Help Musicians UK charity or the Music Minds Matter campaign, head over to