7 Hot Cities For Black Millennial Success

Washington, D.C

Jacob Creswick

The once hailed “Chocolate City” has been a city on the rise over the last decade and now has blossomed into a land of opportunity. It’s “reviving-stage” nightlife mixed with the entertainment of Capitol Hill’s finest is sure to keep you alive. Fresh seafood and brunches will be your best friend at your new home, the nation’s capitol. It is also the home of the young black intern as it is the number one city for internships. There is so much opportunity for you in Washington, D.C! Not to mention all of the “Important People” you can do business with in your new home.

Atlanta, GA

Joey Kyber

It’s the new Black Hollywood! It’s also the recently named the #1 city for film production, stealing the crown for the famed Hollywood, California. The black dollar is in heavy rotation as the city thrives off of it’s black CEOs, Doctors, Entertainers, Athletes, and other leaders in it’s communities. It’s vibrant and flashy nightlife decorates the city and really helps to shine it’s light to the world. With an amazing souther cuisine, you are sure to enjoy early dinners and fine lunches with some of your favorite black heroes; a meal that’s inspiring and filling. In the heart of South Eastern, U.S.A , there is so much opportunity within 4 hours of Atlanta, the possibilities for your growth are endless.

Chicago, IL

Sawyer Bengtson

Right in the heart of the world! Chicago, Illinois is the crossroads of America as the biggest city in the Mid-West. It’s also the home of a lot of daytime television productions such as the Steve Harvey Show and sitcoms like Chicago Fire & Empire. It’s also home of the original deep dish pizza, filled with layers of powerful flavor. It’s growing community of young black professionals harbors a thriving millennial lifestyle complete with young business men and women, as well as a strong medical community. No matter what you want to achieve, the possibilities are endless in the Windy City.

Dallas, TX

Miguel Gonzalez

Dallas is rising! Residents of the Texas city will tell you that it’s not the most progressive of areas but things are certainly changing as more young, black professionals are moving to the area than ever. It’s low cost of living make it easy for us to get started on our personal business ventures and could be the start to your bright career. It’s vibrant tech community is what the area is known for and can provide you with a beautiful home to your vibrant dreams.

New York, New York

Patrick Tomasso

Yes! Let’s get this out of the way because I used to live there; Yes, it’s expensive. It’s arguably one of the most expensive cities to live in over the entire world BUT trust me when I say that the expenses are worth it! New York is truly the city that never sleeps and is home of endless opportunity. No matter your industry, I promise you it is in New York City. I personally moved to New York for Graduate School and to help grow my media expertise but one of my best friends was in the fashion industry. We rarely had lunch together but we shared stories over dinner at least 4 times a week and believe me, we both were able to learn and thrive in the ‘Big Apple’.

Los Angeles, CA

Ahmet Yalçınkaya

West coast is the best coast! So they say. Los Angeles has been the home of millions of opportunities and everyone wants to live the Hollywood lifestyle. On any given day in L.A, you could bump into your favorite singer, your favorite actress, and one of those popular Pastors (if that’s what you are in to). The overall lifestyle on the West Coast is the most laid back but fun, in the entire country. Also expensive, your dollar is certainly worth it in L.A because the possibilities are endless.

The Bay, CA 

Jared Erondu

Ok, there are several sides to this argument! Some feel as though Oakland is more suitable for the young, black professional while others feel as though neighboring San Francisco holds the most opportunity for us. I say that both are suitable! San Francisco is a little more strict, expensive, and less diverse but if you are in the market for success, you’ll be in good hands. Next door in Oakland is a tad bit more ‘fun’, slightly more diverse, and a little bit edgier but let’s be honest, just being in the Bay Area can open up so many doors for your career!