Love In A Broken Place: The Philly Love Story

I said I would never go back.

It was a small coffee shop (mainly a 5 O’Clock millennial hang out) in the middle of busy Philadelphia. 23 years young and on the brink of graduation from Grad School, he broke broke my heart on a Friday afternoon. Our relationship had certainly seen it’s cliche’ ups and downs over the last 3 years but I had always forgave and forgot. He cheated once and to be fair, so did I. Believe it or not, infidelity was not the deal breaker, the rain trapped in the gutter had just finally put a hole in the ceiling. 

Dc Lovensky

He called me like a gentleman and asked to meet me after a meeting with a professor. I wish that he would have just been an asshole and texted me, “Sorry babe, this is over.” He sat across from me for a conversation that was shorter than my 3 sips of Chai tea. Our usual conversations could give you 2 R&B albums (in length, not quality). I should have known how painful it was going to be by the surface conversation. “It’s not working anymore,” ended our conversation and I’m thinking, “Damn, I can’t even get goodbye?” 

Brigitte Tohm

Fast forward 36 months and here I am, at the same place that broke my heart. The regret was written all over their wine interior-ed walls and my mind was swimming in pain, not because of how good the love was but I was sad that the show was over. Sitting across from boss from my internship, I knew my mind would be too busy to focus. (Yes, I was there on business, I know you didn’t think I was here to reminiscence).Then, another ‘he’ walks in and my soul fell in love. Our eyes caught focus and I immediately said ‘yes’ and ‘I Do’ under another moon in the world of the future. He was perfection.

Here’s a nugget: 

That day, I had graduated from grad school. My 3 years of pain after our break-up was less distracting than a relationship; my fear had saved the day. But, in that moment I had let the past go, stretching out to my new love. A few months sooner and I may not have graduated. Put this in your blender: timing is everything. 

That’s story of meeting my husband where my first love abandoned me.  [via thectzns, Debbie Hushmoney]