Olympics: 1,200 Security Guards Pulled From Duty After Norovirus Outbreak

In an already dramatic 2018 Winter Olympics, news has surfaced that a rare case of the Norovirus has caused nearly 1,200 security guards to be pulled from duty. Organizers detail that 41 guards began violently vomiting as a result of the aggressive virus. After these guards were taken to the hospital and treated, officials relieved other guards in the facility of their duties in efforts to prevent it from spreading even more. The withdrawn guards were then replaced by 900 members of the military who will carry out their duties.

Retrieved via Google, Express.UK

Details were revealed in a statement from Pyeongchang Olympic officials:

“The military personnel … will be responsible for security checks of the 20 venues as they take up jobs such as security searches, previously done by civilian safety personnel, until the patients’ condition is normalized,” the statement said.
With tensions running high as the opening of the games are just two days away, decisions were made quickly so that officials can prepare for the highly detailed security needs of the Olympic Games. The KCDC (Korean Center for Disease Control) announced that those 41 guards were staying in the same building in South Korea and that they must investigate all who may have been infected:
“KCDC dispatched an immediate response team to the Pyeongchang site to check additional people for symptoms, check the origin of the exposure, take measures to control infection and prevent spread,” the statement said.
 Officials are now strengthening the health examinations in efforts to prevent a wide spread viral attack.