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Jay-Z Attends Trayvon Martin Peace Walk In Miami

It’s been 6 years since the 2012 murder of 17 year old, Trayvon Martin by an over-zealous neighborhood watchmen. Since then, millions have taken a pledge against racial injustices across our country as many were exposed to racism for the first time.

All around the world, millions of individuals and celebrities have taken turns to speak out against racism and one of them is Jay-Z. The Brooklyn mogul paid the Martin family a visit at the Trayvon Martin Peace Walk. “His name will sit alongside the greats whom lost their lives to push our culture forward — the Martin Luther Kings, the Gandhis. That’s the intention we set so his name. [It] serve as a beacon of light and hope to push our culture forward in a better direction,” Jay spoke to a crowd.

Trayvon Martin’s life is a story that needs to continue to be told and Jay-Z is making sure of that. A documentary and film series about Martin’s life is currently in the works and will be produced by Jay Z.