Vic Mensa Talks About Flint Water Crisis: “That was an experience for me.”

Chicago-bred artist, Vic Mensa, has been showing his passion for people and music for years. The saga continues inside.

Chicago-born rapper, Vic Mensa has been increasingly visible in the fight for justice in various places. He has quickly shown the world that his passion is in both people and music. The good fight continues for Vic as he speaks out about the Flint Water Crisis during a feature for the AT&T Audience Network Concert:

“I went there and I’m listening to these stories from the people and seeing brown water that they’ve kept in gallon jugs, and hearing about people whose hair fell out,” Mensa states. As unbelievable as that may sound, it’s very much a reality for an entire community who has been fighting this battle for years, now. Their hair is falling out. Don’t worry, Mensa has more about that,  “I actually spoke to a kid who was riding a bike telling me all of his hair fell out because he was showering with the water.”

Of course, the rapper sees an opportunity where he can help and decides to lend a hand the best way that he can. He continued, “So we went there, we did a benefit concert the first time I went. The second time I went, we did like a food and clean water drive. That was a dope moment for me because I was really able to appreciate the things I don’t have to worry about and really pay attention to the people in the real world. That was an experience for me.”

Mensa’s growth and appreciation is making us hopeful for his future. Hear him talk about it below:


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