Black Love Lives: 10 Best On-Screen Black Couples

Black Love Lives: 10 Best On-Screen Black Couples

February 15, 2018 Off By Rhea Peckherd

(VIA The CTZNS, Written by Ash Jai)

These couples have gone through the ups and downs of love, right before our eyes. We got to grow up being nosy in their relationships, indirectly learning lessons of what to expect from love in our futures. Sure, we may have been kids but these couples definitely left a huge mark on us. Here are our top 10 On-Screen Hero Couples of Black Love: 


10. Caine & Ronnie

Classic good girl protects the bad boy story. Ronnie is the good girl who helps Caine with his transition out of the hood, how many of us can relate? She supports him through all his trials and tribulations and lets him know that she’s the one around-the-way girl who is there to stay.

9. Sidne and Dre


It’s one thing to share a love of hip hop music since childhood, but another to share a mutual love for each other beyond friends. Even though we’ll probably never know if they got married we still admire the fight they put up for love. 


8. Erin and Rashad

Who doesn’t love a romance about lovers from opposite sides of the track? Not to mention Erin posing as “New New” to keep Rashad’s attention. Erin and Rashad are exceptionally appealing as far as teenage couples go. Even the iconic necklace snatch scene hits us in a soft place. Besides that Rashad being able to look past Erin’s lies and keep their relationship is proof enough.

7.  Justice and Lucky


After witnessing her boyfriend get murdered in an act of gang violence and falling into a depression. Justice isn’t exactly looking for love unlike Lucky a testy romantic who sees a fellow lost soul in Justice but can’t find the words to bridge their worlds. We witness the bad boy fall in love with the humble poet and change both of their views on love. As Justice writes in one of her poems ”Nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.” Everybody needs somebody sometime.




6. Quincy and Monica

Most likely to be the most relatable relationship to all athletes alike, Quincy and Monica are the epitome of displaying passion mixed with heartbreak between sports and love. Even if you weren’t an athlete you could absolutely relate to the dramas they went through from high school to college; career struggles, family issues, and even other relationships. Despite that the two were never afraid to compete for each other’s heart and in the end love and basketball conquers all. No doubt they’re soulmates.

5. Prince Akeem and Lisa McDowell


Speaking of posing as someone else, we all are familiar with “Coming to America”. Lisa loved Akeem as a poor McDowell’s employee rather than the heir of royalty he really was. She even left her home country to marry the prince. If that isn’t true love then we don’t know what is.


4. Uncle Phil and OG Vivian Banks

Yes we said the OG Aunt Viv because… yea we don’t have to explain it. Anyway, this couple inspired us to want to be better and do something meaningful with our futures. As a lawyer turned judge and doctor/ teacher the couple knew together they were an intense force. Also not only were they strong enough to raise four well-rounded children, they also had enough strength to raise Will. 

3. Dr. Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable


From college sweethearts to becoming an OB/GYN married to a lawyer with five children between them. There’s no doubt Cliff and Claire wouldn’t place top 3 on our countdown. No matter how tight of a ship they ran there was always time to talk, play and dance with other. Their chemistry felt genuine and was perfect example of the ideal black couple.The Huxtables are undeniably goals but we’ve never seen them struggle, so we can’t give them #1.


2. Martin and Gina

They struggle, they fight, and of course they make up, sounds like any other relationship right? However, Martin and Gina have shown how to truly open up and be ourselves around our significant other. These two had no problem voicing how they felt (though that may have lead to some serious arguments or not) and always ended up finding compromise. Unlike The Huxtables we’ve witnessed them go through numerous life challenges. The two were the literally definition of ‘ride or die’. Gina held Martin down with a level head and Martin on the other hand would do anything for his “baby,”. They had a solid foundation and moved as a unit which is what everyone can say they want in a relationship.

1. Whitley and Dwayne


Okay, you probably saw this one coming but seriously could you think of another couple that represents black love they way “D’Whitley” does? Though Whitley was not feeling Dwayne at all they formed an unbreakable friendship until she realized he was the one (took her long enough). This couple ultimately proved that opposites attract and no matter what true love always wins. Who could forget that Dwayne basically Debo’d Whitely and Byron’s wedding and asked her to marry him instead?! Don’t act like that didn’t send your feelings flying from Gilbert Hall all the way to The Pit. None the less, watching them go from friends to lovers is the most exciting rollercoaster that plenty of us can’t deny as one of the best.

No matter what, we are overly thankful for the directors and talent that came together to make these on screen memories. Black love is beautiful, so beautiful that we can feel it through the screens. Some valuable lessons were shared through these couples.