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Meek Mill Is Granted An Appeal Hearing

Philly Rapper Meek Mill is finally granted an appeal hearing. Could he be released soon? Details inside.

Judge Genece Brinkley has granted an appeal hearing for Philadelphia-born rapper, Meek Mill and his legal team according to CBS Philadelphia.

On Valentine’s Day, Meek Mill and his legal team filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition in an attempt to free him. The petition proves that two officials lied about Meek’s 2007 arrest. It claims that one of the arresting officers, Reginald Graham lied under oath about the arrest and Meek’s team has been working to prove the wrongful conviction. It’s reported that the team is currently in the process of negotiating a motion for bail.

Graham has a long history with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office of falsifying information. The court states, “Officer Graham frequently misused confidential informants and fabricated the alleged probable cause for search warrants. He also lied about the justification for warrantless searches. Officer Graham frequently stole and kept money that he recovered during searches and arrests.”

Meek’s post-conviction appeal is set for April. Much of the outside world is in support of Mill, hoping that he wins the fight against a system who doesn’t seem to want him to win.

I don’t think we will ever forget this moment in history: