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5G Mobile Networks Are Here! AT&T Names First Cities For New Service

AT&T announces the first cities to enjoy its coveted 5G network. See if you made the list inside.

The future of mobile communication is here: 5G networks. On Tuesday, AT&T announced its plans to roll out the speedy 5G network to the first 3 cities: Dallas, Waco, and Atlanta.

AT&T announced a few months prior its plans to roll out the new service. They expect to have the service active in 12 cities by the end of 2018. No word has been given as to which cities will be next to get the service.

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How fast is it? Great question.

Experts note that the service is nearly 10 times fasted than the acclaimed 4G network. To put it into perspective, CNN and experts notes that it will take you about 3 seconds to download a feature length 3D movie on 5G. That same movie would take about 6 minutes to download. Experts also predict that the addition of the 5G network will have the biggest impact on business.

It still will be some time before we’re able to enjoy the new service as its high-speed requires a high quality device. In fact, too much power for our devices that are currently on the market. AT&T expects for the first 5G capable devices to hit the market in 2019.