Ground views of different Border Wall Prototypes as they take shape during the Wall Prototype Construction Project near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. Photo by: Mani Albrecht

President Trump Visits Border Wall Prototypes

President Trump gets a first-look at his dream ‘border walls’. See the details of his preview inside.

Washington, D.C –

Sources report that President Donald Trump visits the prototypes for his controversial border walls surrounding America. Officials say that Trump will have the options to view 8 different walls, 4 of which are made of concrete while others are made of various other bases.

Each border wall prototype has already been tested and given an approved financial backing from congress, one of these walls could be the historical wall that the 45th President has been talking about since his campaign trail.

These walls have proven strong as Border Patrol agents have spent months with them in testing phases. They have been climbed and shot at to see all of thee various defenses against it. They have also been tested against “hiding spots” along the wall to ensure that border patrol agents can monitor the activity around them.

Trump is being urged not to make a selection today but we are sure that he will be ecstatic to see his ‘dream’ come true.