We, the Students: Walk Out Over Gun Safety

Thousands of high school students across the country take a stand against gun control and walk out of class.

Washington, D.C –

It’s been one month since the massacre in Parkland, Florida that claimed the life of 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. With the killer in custody and facing the possible death sentence, conversation surrounding gun safety has been inevitable. In fact, it’s a conversation that is scarily necessary as you finally start to realize how easy it is to purchase a firearm.

That ease of firearm purchase has proven to be safe in most occasions but the times when that freedom causes havoc weighs so much more. Claiming and injuring the lives of thousands over the years, when gun law freedom causes havoc, the pain is unbearable. The students across the country have spoken out against loose gun laws and are taking a major step to rectify the fallacy as thousands of students have walked out of class today in remembrance of the 17 who lost their lives just a month ago. The walk-out is also a stand against loose gun laws across the country and urge the politicians and National Rifle Association to make a change to the gun regulations of the country.

What a scene:


School districts have warned that some students will have to face a penalty for walking out as it is in violation of school conduct. Some schools have even threatened to suspend those students but no word on any punishment being handed out as of yet.

Either way you come to the gun control debate, you have to admire the passion and courage of tomorrow.