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Beyonce’ Shatters Youtube Streaming Record With Coachella Performance

Beyonce’ shatters Youtube streaming records with her Coachella performance. Details inside.

Philadelphia, PA –

What a great weekend it was in California as hundreds of thousands of fans poured into the west coast for the legendary Coachella festival. While the crowd was huge at the festival, the crowd at home was even bigger as Coachella streamed live on Youtube.

The highlight of the weekend was when Beyonce’ took the stage and literally the entire world was watching. Including me, I woke myself up like it was the first day of school. But actually, Bey generated 43.1 Million Youtube streams, setting the record for Youtube live streams. Not to mention she was streamed in 232 countries.

If you saw even a small clip of her performance, you can see why she gained that much attention. Besides being the Queen, she is known for being one hell of a performer and she didn’t fall short to those expectations. Her reunion with Destiny’s Child was a powerful moment for all of us and certainly took me back to my little girl years.

Then, Beyonce’ also introduced us to her new school, sorority, and marching band with a vibrant performance from a fictional group. She brought the entire world into the life of the HBCU experience. I was in tears, y’all.

Congratulations to Queen Bey for such a good performance and weekend. Now, I’m still trying to find my wig that she snatched this weekend; got to go.