Black Woman in Airport

The Independent Woman

Gumbo: Let’s take a minute to sip some tea and talk about ‘the independent woman’. This should be interesting.

As I sit on my rooftop in awe, the women that walk around on the lower street are so confident. So, endearing in the ideal that they need no man, no one else period. Over the past three decades women have climbed the charts of independence. They have set records for their conglomerate with greatness. It is in no form or fashion to ever go back like it was before. The new women are super indeed. The new women are unstoppable. And if you dare to stop her you will be met with a force of empowerment like no other. Congrats to her, congrats to you!

Independence is significant, the word specializes “no need for help.” I am in support of independent women. My only question is, is there a time where the dependent woman shows up? To get gratification off the word “independent” is one thing, but to truly hone its elements is another. Independence is a struggle and tiring. The independent woman must work extremely hard. Juggling friends, family, work, bills, home, and the senseless men who run in and out of her life. It is a persona full of work. I took a poll of several independent women and they all agreed that they were tired. Tired of working like a dog, tired of remaining a Barbie everywhere they went, tired of diets, tired of car issues, tired of drama, just plain ole tired. They told me to tell the men reading this article, “that if you could step it up a notch it would be great!” Fellas, I agreed but also replied to them for you (speaking to real men that is), “beautiful independent women, must you be so strong that when your knight in shining armor comes he is drowned by your strength?” “Not that he is not strong enough but that he doesn’t have the time to fight your strength every hour of the day.” “Can we share the comparative advantage?” “If I cook can you clean the dishes without making it seem so primitive?” “Ms. Independent can I be dependent on you? You on me, and we on we?”

The rebuttals were infinite and I had no more time to chime in. So, they remained independent and single with their independent girlfriends. The end!

Gumbo Submission: Willae Mitchell, Washington, D.C, 29.