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Don’t Forget About Life’s “8 Ball”

CXVI writes about the 8-Ball and how important it is. Read all about it’s power inside.

Through the solids and the stripes, each battle comes down to the 8 Ball. You can literally play 15 minutes of great pool and lose the entire game in less than a minute. How you begin and how you play aren’t as important as how you finish. Life tends to play the game the same way. 

Too often I’ve fallen victim to ignoring the value of the 8 Ball. From move to move, we play with 100% energy and precision but don’t finish the game on top. We get so comfortable with a good start and a safe flight that we forget to apply that same energy to the landing. If we can begin to focus on putting the finishing touches on our hard work, we may see more results when achieving our goals.

Let’s talk about the changes that help us to focus on the 8 Ball. When playing an intense game of pool two Thursdays ago, I noticed that often times we forget about the 8 Ball’s existence until we clean the rest of the table. I’m forced to wonder if the 8 Ball would have been handled differently if I had been planning for it the entire game? What about if I focused on it as well as the rest of the pool balls? Play the game with the finish in sight. Take the field with a victory in sight. Start your projects with success in your sights.

We must be clear in understanding the value of the 8-Ball. Too often we fear it because we know that one mistaken hit into a hole could cost us the entire game. Know that it’s there the end the game and use it to end the game as a win for your team.