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Bryson Tiller Opens Up About His Battle With Depression

Bryson Tiller has been facing a strong current of depression. He talks about it inside.

Louisville, KY-

Depression is one of the toughest, under discussed issues within our communities. Statistically, the African American culture struggles with understanding depression and every one is susceptible  to it’s dark cloud; even our celebrities.

Bryson Tiller at the minor stage during Stavernfestivalen in Stavern on 09. July 2016.
Bryson Tiller (vocal)

The latest battle with depression to make headlines is the struggle for Louisville crooner, Bryson Tiller.

His tweet was a response to abrasive tweets surrounding the quality of his recent work, True To Self in comparison to his super successful work of Trap Soul. His sophomore album statistically stacked more than his debut album but wasn’t met with much appreciation. True To Self debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 47,000 copies sold; a little over double the amount of Trap Soul. 

Here’s the exchange with a fan on Twitter that began Tiller’s explanation of his battle with depression.

Cardi B mentioned something that we see too often in the industry, abusive fandom. Let’s try to remember that in appreciation of our favorite artists and the timeless music that they create, they are human too. The best thing that we can do as fans is really nurture the souls of our favorite artists and respect the clouds that they face as well.

We’re praying for you, Tiller. Stay strong in this cold world.