CXVI Announces ‘Royal City Rain’ Album and Release Date

CXVI announces the release of his ‘Royal City Rain LP’. Details inside.

Washington, D.C –

After a bit of a hiatus from the entertainment industry, CXVI took to Instagram to announce the ‘Royal City Rain LP’, scheduled for release on August 17th.


I’ve been writing love songs since 1995. I remember the hook from the first one, “All around in space baby, that’s how much we love you.” I wrote it with my cousin @princeshon712 and we performed it in my folk’s backyard. You should hear the pain and joy in the songs I write now. . . . I’ve become a reserved and mentally congested man over the years and writing poetry to some of my favorite instruments has been the best outlet ever. I feel vulnerable through the music, I can just open up about everything and be honest about life. . . . Between you and me, I got super excited when I first retired from radio. A little too excited; I didn’t handle things the right way with releasing my music or even just focusing on just being me. Things weren’t ready and tbh, I really wasn’t either. In that time, I slipped into another dark pit of self pity, low confidence, and a complete destruction of my soul. I cried my way home and came back outside for more (playground reference). God stripped everyone and everything from my life and the silence is what saved my life. He then put the pieces back together and sent me on my way. We just pushed the button on an August 17th release to put out a quick 9-song LP and I hope I can take you along on this journey. I want to call it “Royal City Rain”. I’m so thankful for second chances, family, friends, and favor. . . . #newmusic #newartist #bassguitar #basslinehouse #briancxvi #cxvi #royalcityrain #washington #dc #maryland #virginia #baltimore #rockrnb #blackmen #morethanradio #cxvimusic #ibanez #coolhats #sunglasses #seethrough #album #recordcollection #recordstoreday #recordstore

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After several false starts once retiring from broadcasting, it’ll be interesting to watch the release of this project. He’s undergone name changes and management re-establishment, we’ll be watching.