The Internet Announces Release Date For ‘Hive Mind’ Album

The Internet announces the release date of their ‘Hive Mind’ album. See more inside.

Washington, D.C –

They caught the attention and hearts of all of us with their 2015 album ‘Ego Death’ made a bold statement in music and had us desperate for more. The super group went on Sway in the Morning to announce the release of their next album entitled ‘Hive Mind’, set to release July 20th of this year.

The group came back on the scene with the single “Roll (Burbank Funk)”:

The Internet’s Matt Martian began explaining the album during Sway in the Morning, “It’s actually very simple. If you Google what hive mind means, it’s basically just a collective ego, a collective mind. When people that are together they have a collective mindset. And I think when we’re together we all have a common goal. And we move in the same direction. So, it’s really that simple. And the internet is a hive mind of information. The actual internet. So, it kinda just has multiple reasons. And you know what’s funny? I got it from Marvel comics … It’s like a group in the comic books that are collective psychics that are super powerful when they’re together.”

Congratulations to The Internet! Looking forward to their release.