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Childish Gambino Could Be Next Willy Wonka

Childish Gambino is on the short list to play Willy Wonka. You here for it?

Washington, D.C –

The excitement is quickly building surrounding the idea of Childish Gambino playing the role of Willy Wonka after sources report it certainly is a possibility. XXL Magazine reports that Gambino is up against Ryan Gosling and Ezra Miller for the role and the film is set to be a prequel to the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring the late Gene Wilder.

This would just add to the long list of amazing accomplishments Gambino has acquired recently. Not only is he the creator/producer of the hit series Atlanta, but he also currently has a top hit in the world, ‘This Is America’.

We are wishing Gambino the absolute best and hope to see him in the Chocolate Factory.