Wyoming Ranch Bans All Rappers After Kanye West’s Listening Party

Kanye West’s album listening party got all rappers banned from Wyoming ranch.

Washington, D.C –

Apparently Kanye West’s album listening party at a Wyoming ranch caused quite a stir for local residents. The owner of the ranch, Jane Golliher, called it was the “most confusing event” they’ve ever done.

Golliher also mentioned to The Blast that she has banned all rappers from doing events on the premises. It’s detailed that the event changed directions nearly every 30 minutes and caused several complaints from neighbors. The biggest infraction seems to be that the event violated the 80db noise ordinance of the neighborhood.

West’s party started at 9:30PM which was 30 minutes before it was scheduled to be over. The party only ended once Golliher’s husband threatened to pull the power on the event. The ranch is said to have no “ill” feelings toward’s West but he, and other rappers, will no longer be welcomed to the Diamond Cross Ranch.