Cam Quotes On ‘MihTy’ Album: “Ty Kills Every Track”

We’ve had a few weeks to sit with it and now we can deliver a true review. Issa ‘meh’.

The MihTy album is finally here and I think fandom will determine your love or “Eh” for this album. The production is great but my ears hear two songs trying to combine for one on certain tracks. The problem with that is all of Ty Dolla Sign’s songs sound better throughout the album. Ty kills every track on this album and the obviously, and sometimes over produced [Going Thru Some Thangz, Perfect Timing], sound that is Jereimih can’t hang. Then there are the moments where Jeremih is basically rapping in autotune.

I’m personally just not a fan of that sound from an artist that is packaged as a singer.

Understanding that Hitmaka, formerly known as Yung Berg and Jeremih have been leaning on 90’s R&B nostalgia lately to recreate magic and some very nice grooves. It’s also clear that Ty doesn’t need that crutch. The feeling is nice, but the songs as a whole don’t beat the memory of the classic it was pulled from. That hurts shelf life. Makes you appreciate what Puff Daddy did for the blend of “Hip-Hop and R&B” more now that you realize that it can’t be done with just anybody.

The standout tracks: ‘The Light’, ‘FYT’, ‘These Days’, and ‘Ride It’.


The Light is a dope song, but it has 2 hooks. This song should be called “Lets Have Sex” and Jeremih’s hook should be used for another song. I don’t know why that decision wasn’t made, but we, the listener still get the best moment on the album. Problem is that’s track 1. I don’t think it’s a “better” song than “The Light” on this project, but please keep listening.

Ty Dolla Sign is so great on this album that it earns 3 headphones. End of day, you can’t deny that Ty is on fire and is enhancing every single track and artist around him and has been for the last 3 years. On the flip, Jeremih is doing what he does. You either like it or you don’t. He’s hit or miss and he hasn’t evolved as a vocalist or writer in what has been almost 10 years since “Birthday Sex”. Yep, that was 2009 when that popped.

The MihTy album is like the 2000-2001 Philadelphia 76ers. Ty is clearly Allen Iverson and why you keep listening to this album. Hitmaka is Dikembe Mutombo. The production is really good. You don’t hear a brand new sound, but you do hear some refreshing good music. Jeremih can be any of the following. George Lynch, Aaron McKie or Raja Bell. He’s not horrible, he’s just not doing enough to “even the series” or make this a stellar project.

If we are being honest a lot of these joint projects are just “good”. They won’t be in our constant rotation, there will be a couple joints we will always mess with, but end of day it’s just some goods songs that got released for our temporary enjoyment. MihTy fits perfectly there. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Ty Dolla Sign to drop a project with no rappers and no R&B features that can’t match or beat his talent.


Mih-Ty : 3/5 Headphones