Learning the Power Of Saying ‘No’


Yes, this is one that you may want to shut your office door for. 

I was talking to a few of my friends last week while in Georgia for a family visit. We were sharing all of our life stories over a few bottles of $6 wine and some light music from my friend, Toni’s phone. Somehow or another the conversation completely flipped it’s attention to me and my miserably happy life (I enjoy life but I’m also slightly dramatic, like most of us). The ladies couldn’t help but point out a bad habit that I’ve been fighting all of my life. A habit I’ve coined as, “Chronic Peoplepleasingdria.” In other words, I say ‘yes’ to almost everything.

“You’ve got to start saying ‘No’ to people girl,” they said to me. At first, I didn’t get it. At first it just didn’t make sense to me because I just couldn’t see myself telling anyone no. But our conversation continued and I started to see how constantly saying ‘yes’ was slowly ripping apart my life. I started to watch myself donate endless hours to everyone around me, sacrificing my goals for theirs. I’m very generous but giving up myself is not something I signed up for. I started to see the value of saying ‘No’.

Get your time back. Get your life back. Learn the fine line in between in between helping others and hurting yourself.