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Live Your Life: Why We Shouldn’t Compare Ourselves To Others

We’ve got to be careful looking at other’s success. Mirages are real.

[via The CTZNS, Angie Guap]

Oh, what a world we live in. Everything seems to shine when you look at it. Sometimes I just sit in amazement, thinking about everything I see and how it “shines”. Everything is made to look ‘good’, nowadays. I was blinded by it last week, I’ll tell you about it.


I was scrolling on Facebook in the conference room on lunch break and I saw it. I saw the post that would send me through a week of hell. A young lady I grew up with must’ve had an amazing 2018 because she just bought a Benz. Well, it looks like an amazing year but who knows what really happened. All that I knew was that if she is killing it, I would have to be killing it, too (smiley face). I immediately began searching for a new car because I had to stay ahead of this race…. Oh, and I needed it too (wink).

Fast forwarding a bit (because I’m almost at my stop and have to put my phone down), I spent the entire week after that moment visiting dealers. Salesman after salesman, draining my mood with their overactive smiles and then had the nerve to try and drain my wallet. Finally, I got the hold of the right dealer with the right car and I was excited! I finally would be able to compete with my friend with her “Benz”. Then, on the day I was scheduled to go make a purchase, it got sold (Yes, in that same week, keep up). I was hurt, defeated, and depleted after being heartbroken by my car search but I was relentless. I picked up my phone to go do some more car searching and ‘accidentally’ clicked into Facebook. I saw my friend with the Benz post a picture with her car, a man, and her:  “Here is the real owner of that Benz, haha.” I dropped my phone, wiped my eyes, and realized that this car had ripped my week apart and it was really over nothing! I lessened myself for a ‘shiny thing’ and risked my peace for no reason.


(Ok, we are really close to my stop now) So here’s the best part of the story; things don’t matter. I was getting bent out of shape for my friend and her new car and baby girl was joking. I don’t even know how I got to that point, it really isn’t my business. But it was a reminder that there are many things more important than the shiny things in life. Inner peace is literally everything, Macchiato included.