Love In A Broken Place: The Philly Love Story

I said I would never go back. It was a small coffee shop (mainly a 5 O’Clock millennial hang out) in the middle of busy Philadelphia. 23 years young and on the brink of graduation from Grad School, he broke broke my heart on a Friday afternoon. Our relationship had certainly seen it’s cliche’ ups and downs[…]


#VacationBae: Why You Should Take That Vacation

So, you’ve finally hit that Mid-20s point of “all I do is work” and you haven’t been able to express your frustrations because you don’t want to be viewed as ‘weak’, right?  Take the vacation.  Trust me, I’ve been there. After just hitting my 32nd birthday I’m starting to reminisce about how troubling my 20s became[…]


Inception: Your Dreams Have Levels

The levels of our dreams, an open frontier. via 2 things I love: the movie Inception and beautiful cityscapes. Would you believe they both have the same relation to our lives? First, lets look at the 2010 Hollywood blockbuster, Inception. If you can get past Leo’s charm coupled with a genius script, the overall plot of the[…]